Curtains and drapes are such an integral part of day to day life, so much so that they often go unnoticed. From drawing the curtain to keep away from sun rays, to opening it up wide open to get a hint of that fresh morning breeze- people are often seen tugging at these to suit the whims of their demands! 

Curtain cleaning is just as important as cleaning your rugs and carpets. Curtains tend to accumulate dust which often forms a thick layer that is difficult to remove if left for a long period of time. This accumulation of dust can also affect the quality of the air you breathe in. People with respiratory disorders or allergies often lose out to this battle with dust succumbing to ailments that can be well avoided with a bit of caution. 

For every brush against the curtain, by perhaps you, your kids or even your pets, there’s the repercussion of you having to come in contact with this whirl of dust. The debris settles on your carpets, your furniture and also the floor. The last thing you want is for the dust to settle on that sparkling clean floor of yours!

Dry Cleaning versus Hand Washing 

It’s often difficult to tell whether your curtains need to be cleaned because the dirt on them doesn’t show. And even if it does, most people tend to overlook it, postponing cleaning to sometime later. 

Curtains might appear to be made out of washable fabric, but this could very well mean that your curtains could shrink in water. If you’re in doubt about whether your curtains can be washed with water or dry cleaned, always opt for the later. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry, wouldn’t you say? Curtains that come with beads, pleats, or intrinsic design should best be left out of the water.


Tips to keep in mind

Alta Loma has plenty to offer in terms of curtain cleaning services. Should you choose to venture out by yourself, here are a few tips for you to keep in handy: 

  • Make sure that you dust the curtain before giving them a good scrub. You can do this by setting the dryer to the no heat option or with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Try to avoid overloading your washing machine as curtains gain weight when wet.
  • Elementary, but necessary to point out nonetheless, make sure that the hooks are removed before placing the curtain in the washing machine, lest you end up with a battered, bruised washing machine!
  • When hand washing a curtain, try not to wring the fabric or scrub excessively.
  • If needed, iron the curtains when damp from top to bottom setting the temperature to mild. 


Dry cleaning services are just around the corner should you need an expert eye guiding you through the process. If cleaning your curtains isn’t feasible for you indoors, then outdoors is where you head to find help! Should you stumble upon Alta Loma curtain cleaning agencies, rest assured, you can wash your hands off because you are in safe hands!