Wherever you live there are bound to be cleaning tasks. Cleaning can be hectic if you do not use the right tools. Many people have resorted to hiring the services of professional cleaners. If you find yourself in a place like St. Louis and you are someone who makes use of online search tools, you will find yourself googling “cleaning services St Louis” even before you know it. Even though you can always hire a good cleaning service to leave your house sparkling, you can always adopt some simple cleaning tricks to get rid of those stains. By the way, these tips and tricks are amazingly incredible. Check them out.

Use this vinegar method to leave your hardwood floors sparkling 

Many cleanup detergents cannot clean stained and dull hardwood floors completely. They may rid the floor of the stains but may leave buildups that are difficult to clear. You can use this homemade solution to leave your floor sparkling clean. Blend half cup of vinegar, one tablespoon of castile soap, two cups of warm water, and a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol together. You can pour this mixture into a spray bottle and use it to clean the floor. You would be amazed at the results.

Clean your drain the simple way 

When you realize your drain is clogged, you can simply pour hot water and salt into the drain to clear the drain. You would have a clean drain in no time.

Use rubbing alcohol to remove difficult stains from your carpet and walls 

If you spill your nail polish on the carpet or couch by mistake, do not fret. Simply grab a cloth, soak in some rubbing alcohol and wipe the area clean. You can also use rubbing alcohol to clean marker stains on your wall.


Use an onion to clean your grill 

You can get rid of all the stain from your barbecue grill by rubbing a large chunk of onion over the stains.

Use this Baking soda solution to clean your oven 

You first have to mix the baking soda with a little amount of water. You just need to make it wet and then you apply it to the interior of your oven. Wait for 12 hours and then clean the baking soda and wipe your oven clean with vinegar. Your oven will be sparkling clean again. 


Clean your glass screens with a lint roller 

It is easier to use a lint roller to clean those hard to reach places.

Use Bread to clean up broken glasses 

Cleaning up broken glasses can be dangerous especially if you are tempted to pick them up with your fingers. Use a slice of bread to collect all broken glasses. Simply pass the bread over the area to rid the area of all the broken shreds.


Vacuuming and scrubbing, which one comes first? 

It is advisable to vacuum first to get rid of all dust, hair strands, and other annoying stuff. This will make your scrubbing process easier. When vacuuming, make sure you cover every inch of the floor. 

These simple techniques will help you to clean faster and efficiently. You can now have that sparkling clean home you had always wanted. Even if you are someone who always gets help from a cleaning service company, these tricks will save you some time. For more information, visit: https://maidsforstl.com/services/