Water ionizers are the basic requirements for people who want to maintain good health. However, they are highly cost-intensive and it is important to choose an ionizer that is worth the investment. Have a look at some things to consider when purchasing a water ionizer. These things will help you land on the best water ionizer for your home.

Self-Cleaning FeatureĀ 

Before you buy a water ionizer, check for ones that are self-cleaning. A water ionizer that cleans itself on regular basis prevents bacteria from accumulating along with the mineral build up on electrodes. Non-removal of these reduces the effectiveness of your water ionizer. Your ionizer should be maintenance friendly. It will enable you to properly maintain it.

Regulate Incoming Water PressureĀ 

You must look out for an ionizer that regulates water pressure. Water pressure differs from place to place and it is important that your ionizer is able to perform well at different water pressures. It should be compatible with all types of water pressures.

The Source of Your WaterĀ 

You should also know the source of the water in your locality before you purchase a water ionizer. You should know if the water is hard or soft, this will have an influence on the type of ionizer to buy. The best water ionizer for your home is the ionizer that is compatible with the type of water that would be processed. Hard water contains lots of mineral deposits and they usually build up on your tiles while soft water contains fewer minerals. Hard water makes ionizers easier to operate.Ā 


You can determine the type of water you use in your home using this simple method. First, get a 300ml bottle with a cap and fill the bottle with water halfway. You then proceed to add about 2 generous drops of liquid soap. If the water lathers well, then your water is soft water. If it rather forms a curd-like film on the surface, then you are likely to be dealing with hard water.

Water-Filter FeatureĀ 

Your water ionizer must be able to filter your water efficiently. Some Ionizers come with filters that filter the tap water before it goes through the electrolysis process. It is not enough if your water filter only reduces chlorine in the water. The filter should be able to clear all contaminants in the water.


The Plate of the IonizerĀ 

You should also check the plate of the ionizer before purchasing. A good plate increases the lifespan of the ionizer. Most durable plates are made of titanium and coated with platinum. If the plate of the ionizer is not made of these materials, you should refrain from buying it.

All the factors discussed above are important things to consider when purchasing a water ionizer. You might have your personal preference with regards to brands. Nonetheless, these factors will help you make an informed buying decision. The best water ionizer is not always the most expensive one. It is one that meets your demands.